The definition and need of IoT

People will have to conceptualize and envision a world where every component at home, office and the car are synced and interlinked with one another. A world typically where the lights are switched on without manual consent, the moment the car nears the driveway, where the front door unlocks itself when any occupants of the house get near the front door but remain locked in the case of a stranger. Further, all the electronic devices can be accessed and controlled by the users irrespective of their location. Such a world can be made a reality by making use of the Internet of Things technology.

Presently the Internet of Things should not be visualized and comprehended as a second internet. However, it is a complex infrastructure of devices synced with the internet via the smartphones which are manipulated to access Google, interact with friends & relatives and also to sync images. It is a linkage of products which are synced via the internet and hence they are encompassed with a unique IP address and connects with one another to carry out simple as well as complicated tasks and undertakings without any manual consent.

At present, the position of the Internet of Things is very much splintered into several components and there are several brands involved in designing their platforms to quench the customer needs or their own requirements. 

Growth and progress of IoT:

In order to get the maximum out of Internet of Things and to gauge and exploit its full potential, it is mandatory that all the products should be synced with one another irrespective of which brand designed the product and which brands are having enterprise relationship and connection with one another.

To take up a good instance is the case of Goldenmace which has launched a mobile app via which the user from a remote location can efficiently control all the electrical switches in the user's home.
Also to be featured is the aspect of security as to how well fortified the system is. Highly sophisticated and encrypted security is possible in this case.

Market Worth:
Related to the economic worth of the IoT, the various experts are of various opinions. Some anticipate that the worth of IoT will be up to $1.2 trillion come 2025. The established Cisco has estimated that the worth will be $ 14.4 trillion related to the same time frame of 2025.
It is predicted that this technology is going to overshadow the technology related to the amalgamation of both Mobile and the Internet.

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