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Top 50 Free {Press Releases} Sites in 2017, Best UK, USA Press Releases Sites List

Best 90 Free UK Local {Business Directory} Sites, Top 80+ Free High PR {UK Business Listing} Sites 2017

Top 90+ Free High PR UK Business Listing Sites 2017: 

Best 90 Free UK Local Business Directory Sites:

S.N UK Business Directory Sties List

How To Run A Business While Traveling

A lot of successful business owners would tell you that travelling while running a business is fine. It is such a magical idea since no business owner would be crazy to leave a new business just to travel around.

The truth is that technically you will still be working. It is termed as traveling because you will be in another place while running the business. It works in a sense that you can still speak with the people whom you have left to do the job. You will also be managing the business, make decisions and analyze reports.

The good thing about being in another place is you don’t witness the chaos. You also don’t get stressed out. Another benefit is you get the chance to meet a lot of people. Some of them could be potential customers. Others could be partners. Who knows? There are tons of possibilities when you are always on the road as opposed to being locked up in your office.

Just give it a try and see what it can do to your business. If you are to ask those who have tried it before, they can tell you that things have changed after they have tried this strategy out.

The infographic below details some of the tips that will help you manage your business while one the go. It only seems difficult at first, but it can be done. It might also sound like a business risk, but if it pays off, you will be glad you have made this move.

10 Powerful Tips to Write and Sell Your First eBook

No one can just magically sell e-books. Even those who have already established themselves as authors of actual books were not able to immediately shift in writing e-books. The reason is because it targets a totally different demographic.

E-books are difficult to write in a sense that they must be detailed, backed up with facts and must target a specific niche. People download e-books to learn from experts in a specific field. They don’t want to get generic information they can just look up online.

This is why if you are planning to write an e-book, you have to be an expert of a specific field first. This gives you more things to write about. It also makes you believable. You can’t expect people to listen to your advice if you have not proven yourself as an expert.

Once you have organized your thoughts, try digging deeper. Use your personal experience. If you have a previous study to back your claims up, go ahead and include it. E-book writers are no ordinary writers. Of course, the material itself must be flawless. It should have no spelling or grammatical errors.

After writing the e-book, find someone to edit it and double check all the details up until you are confident in selling it. You can’t be a star overnight, but people will notice if you have written something great.

You can expect to get more deals in the future. The infographic below shows the other useful tips for you to try if you want to successfully sell an e-book soon.

9 Easy Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the rate in which the number of visitors entering a website becomes an actual buyer of the products of services sold. It is the goal of every online business to increase the conversion rate. The problem is that it just does not happen magically.

You can’t expect people to come to your site, take their credit cards out and buy products right away. They need to be certain about what they are spending their money for. If they don’t think the products are worth the cost, they would jump to other options.

The same thing is true if the website does not seem easy to navigate. It matters a lot to people who are buying products online. This has to change. The reason why they go online is because they want things to be easy. If your website does not make the process easier for them, they would ditch your site in a heartbeat.

Most of all, you have to be consistent in delivering the goods. Not only should you have a unique marketing strategy, but the products you sell must also be worth the cost. Otherwise, they will buy once and tell others that what they have tried was not good.

The infographic below lets you know the other tactics to try. Just give them a shot and see if they positively affect your conversion rate. You can always do something to improve what you already have and change the ones that are totally ineffective.

9 Easy Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate

7 Blogging Myths DEBUNKED

The biggest mistake bloggers make when it comes to publishing posts is that they think of it as a business. Never think of blog this way, as it is a huge mistake. Think of it as an online diary. You stay true to what you feel and not necessarily on what other people think.

The moment you start thinking of blogs as a money maker, you will lose your identity. Your goal is to keep writing a lot of articles so that you can entice more people to come and read what you have posted. This is never a great idea.

You should always prioritize quality over quantity. No one wants to read something that is haphazardly done. Another mistake is to write based on what advertisers want you to read. Yes, they are the ones providing money to keep the blog running. However, don’t forget that before you became popular, you were able to run the blogs without their help.

Now that you are popular and they are already paying you to let them post ads on your site, it doesn’t mean you have to change to meet their demands. It is already enough that you allow them to post on your site. You should not let them have a say on what you are supposed to write.

The infographic below shows other details that are extremely useful when it comes to blogging. By avoiding the most common blogging errors, your site will surely last for a long time.

7 Blogging Myths DEBUNKED

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce Sites

E-commerce sites are much easier to start and manage nowadays compared to how it was in the past. That’s all thanks to the small programs called plugins that play a huge role in building and running these online stores. There are several plugins to choose from, which also has a downside as it can be difficult to determine which to use.

Learning about the top plugins used on e-commerce sites is important as this helps you narrow your options to the best of the best. This is more convenient as you can focus on those that are most used by online sellers like you. From there, you can choose which of these plugins suits your specific needs.

WordPress is a popular blog platform that can be turned into an online e-commerce site using the right plugins, and WooCommerce is one of them. It’s widely utilized by many WordPress users as it’s simple to understand and it offers vital features without a cost.

Not all products offered online are tangible, as there are also products that are available for download. If you are offering digital products, Easy Digital Downloads is one of the plugins that you can use.
These are just two of the top plugins used in running an e-commerce site. Below is an easy on the eye infographic to give you more great plugin options. Take time to learn more about these plugins to determine which of them are the best for your business.

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce Sites

Top 10 Most Common Security Attacks That Will Kill Your WordPress Blog

Your WordPress blog can be compared to your vehicle, house, or other vital properties that you own. It serves as your home in the web, so it needs to be protected and secured to ensure that its content will be safe. Many bloggers commit the mistake of not ensuring the security of their blog, leading to catastrophe.

Do not make the same error if you want to grow your blog and keep it on top. Making yourself aware of the popular security threats on WordPress blogs is important so you’ll know how to avoid them. Knowledge is power and this applies to this area.

WordPress developers often release updates to make blogs even more secured. However, not all blog owners take the time to install these updates. Outdated WordPress blogs can be a way for hackers to get through these sites and control them.

The use of plugins is also very common to WordPress blogs as these small programs extend their functionality and features. However, not all plugins are safe to use so you must be extra careful when choosing the ones to install on your blog. Those that are not properly coded can be the weakness that hackers might be waiting for to attack your site.

We are sharing the infographics below as we want your WordPress blog to be safe from potential security attacks. It contains a list of the usual security concerns that could put an end to your blog.

9 Ways to Validate Your Startup Ideas

9 Ways to Validate Your Startup Ideas:

Opening a business is a very challenging thing to undertake. You need to be committed in doing this and expect to make mistakes and face hurdles along the way. While you may have lots of ideas with regards to the business that you wish to start, make sure that it’s something realistic so it won’t be impossible to achieve.

Validating your idea for your startup business is vital as this is a huge factor in determining your success. You need to know if there’s a big possibility that people will find what you have to offer interesting and if they will be willing to try it.

So what do you need to do to help validate your business idea? One is to have a clear understanding on what your product or service is all about. What issue or problem will it solve? People are more likely to try your business if they will find it useful and they see that it will answer their concerns or it will bring them convenience.

It’s also important that you are clear on who your target market is. Do your research to determine what your audience specifically wants and needs so you’ll know what to include in your product or service, in case you push through with it.

We want you to be successful in starting your business that’s why we created this infographic that contains more information on how to validate your startup idea.

See the image below and get amazing tips concerning your potential business.

9 Ways to Validate Your Startup Ideas

How To Create Headlines That Get More Clicks and Conversions

If you want your headlines to be clicked by readers, they must contain essential keywords. For instance, if you are searching for Italian dishes and your site promotes these dishes, the exact words that they are looking for must be found in the headline. They should also be spread in some parts of the content.

How To Create Headlines That Get More Clicks and Conversions;

This is how you create headlines that they will click. Besides, using the right keywords is also important in SEO. Search engines have a way of determining which website will appear on top of the site when people are searching for a particular keyword.

This means that if you want your website to appear on top of Google, you have to properly utilize the keywords. Of course, you should not keep on using the keywords if they don’t make sense. They should still appear naturally throughout the content. Otherwise, Google might penalize your site.

It takes a lot to convince people to click your site by simply reading the headline. You also have to compete with other websites optimizing the same keywords. This only means you have to work harder. Find a way to entice more people. Improve the content of your posts if possible.

There are a lot of other ways to increase clicks and conversions. Just look at the infographic below for more tips. Consistency is the key. You need to keep working hard so you can easily convince people to buy click on the headline. It also doesn’t mean you have to be complacent when you have reached the top.

How To Create Headlines That Get More Clicks and Conversions

Top 15 Free Global Classified Sites List 2018 | High PR Online Global Classified Sites without Registration

Top 15 Free Global Classified Sites List 2018:

High PR Online Global Classified Sites without Registration:-

S.No Free Global Classifieds Sites Country
1 Global
2 Global
3 Global
4 Global
5 Global
6 Global
7 Global
8 Global
9 Global
10 Global
11 Global
12 Global

Top 10 Free Laos Classifieds Sites in 2017, Latest Laos Free Advertising Sites

Top 10 Free Laos Classifieds Sites in 2017:

Free Laos Classifieds Sites is your free Laos advertiser for quality local classifieds and advertisements in Laos, Use our website for listing, selling, buying or trading appliances and electronics, computers and technology, antiques and collectibles, equipment rentals and sales, automotive service and repairs, watches and jewelry, cars or automobiles, books and music, clothing and apparel, home and office furniture, real estate for sale or for rent, pets and animals and professional business services in Laos.

You can also post community announcements, list employment opportunities, health and fitness services, education and training services, places for good food and dining, home repair and handy man services, upcoming garage and yard sales, lawn care and landscaping services & more.

S.No Top 10 Laos classifieds sites Country
1 Laos
2 Laos
3 Laos
4 Laos
6 Laos
7 Laos
8 Laos
9 Laos
11 Laos
12 Laos
13 Laos
14 Laos
15 Laos
16 Laos
17 Laos
18 Laos