Top 10 Most Common Security Attacks That Will Kill Your WordPress Blog

Your WordPress blog can be compared to your vehicle, house, or other vital properties that you own. It serves as your home in the web, so it needs to be protected and secured to ensure that its content will be safe. Many bloggers commit the mistake of not ensuring the security of their blog, leading to catastrophe.

Do not make the same error if you want to grow your blog and keep it on top. Making yourself aware of the popular security threats on WordPress blogs is important so you’ll know how to avoid them. Knowledge is power and this applies to this area.

WordPress developers often release updates to make blogs even more secured. However, not all blog owners take the time to install these updates. Outdated WordPress blogs can be a way for hackers to get through these sites and control them.

The use of plugins is also very common to WordPress blogs as these small programs extend their functionality and features. However, not all plugins are safe to use so you must be extra careful when choosing the ones to install on your blog. Those that are not properly coded can be the weakness that hackers might be waiting for to attack your site.

We are sharing the infographics below as we want your WordPress blog to be safe from potential security attacks. It contains a list of the usual security concerns that could put an end to your blog.