7 Blogging Myths DEBUNKED

The biggest mistake bloggers make when it comes to publishing posts is that they think of it as a business. Never think of blog this way, as it is a huge mistake. Think of it as an online diary. You stay true to what you feel and not necessarily on what other people think.

The moment you start thinking of blogs as a money maker, you will lose your identity. Your goal is to keep writing a lot of articles so that you can entice more people to come and read what you have posted. This is never a great idea.

You should always prioritize quality over quantity. No one wants to read something that is haphazardly done. Another mistake is to write based on what advertisers want you to read. Yes, they are the ones providing money to keep the blog running. However, don’t forget that before you became popular, you were able to run the blogs without their help.

Now that you are popular and they are already paying you to let them post ads on your site, it doesn’t mean you have to change to meet their demands. It is already enough that you allow them to post on your site. You should not let them have a say on what you are supposed to write.

The infographic below shows other details that are extremely useful when it comes to blogging. By avoiding the most common blogging errors, your site will surely last for a long time.

7 Blogging Myths DEBUNKED