Speedcubing By Gancube is Here!

 When everything is pacing up in this world, then why should cubing stay behind in this race?

Gancub is a famous speed cube brand with breakthrough innovative designs, including smart cubes, Magnetic cubes, Light-Weighted, twisty puzzles, cube robots and other products.

The company’s business expands from areas of research to development, design, manufacturing, marketing and promotion. The company holds many patents and techniques on speedcubes.

All of GANCUBE's effort is to provide better services to cubers worldwide.


Speedcubing By Gancube is Here!

The Speedcube Expert

Based on its in-depth acuity into the market and groundbreaking design, GANCUBE successfully created premium flagship products like


     GAN11M Pro,

     GAN356 XS and

     GAN 356 X,


Along with previous cubes such as:

     Intelligent Series,

     Magnetic Series,

     Light Series and

     Irregular Series.


As a world-renowned speedcube brand, Gancube products have been sold to more than 100 countries or regions worldwide and are considered the "APPLE INC." in the Rubik's cube community.

The team behind Gancube

The team established by Gancube named“GAN GURUS” gathered top players like


     rubik's cube genius - FELIKS ZEMDEGS,

     new 3x3x3 speedcubing champion- MAX PARK

     champion of WCA World Championship 2019 - PHILIPP WEYER


What the Future Beholds!

Adhering to the pursuit of innovation and advanced

technology, GANCUBE started its intelligent campaign to make traditional cubes smart in 2019 and successfully created intelligent products like the GAN356 i Series, GAN ROBOT and CUBE STATION App. GANCUBE has built a brand-new platform for global cubers to battle and improve online through the combination of software and hardware. GANCUBE will go on its

way to the field of intelligent toys and create more wonderful "Smart" fun for customers.


The website Gancub offers a variety of options to help excel in speedcubing. From beginners to advanced levels, multiple choices are available for gamers to enjoy. Gancube leads with the reformation of speedcube technology with dozens of national patents and certifications.

Gancube also offers tutorial programs to learn speedcubing on different levels.

Not just tutorials, it also realizes the need of practicing and enjoyment together, hence offering virtual cubes on its Cube Station.


Cube Station supports smart cubes, normal cubes, virtual cubes and devices like GAN Robot, bluetooth timers and so on. It's the platform for cubers worldwide to

      battle online,

     train to improve and

     learn through AI, helping every player to enjoy the pleasure of speed cubing.


Learning More!


GAN Robot: Your first intelligent cube robot.


     Microbrain centre- GR is full of wisdom

     Dual stable system- strong stability. Hold cubes steady

     Five-axis Servo System- use GR to free your hands

     Easy to fetch

     Intelligent All-Direction Recognition

     Intelligent Control

     One-key Solving 15 s at most

     Lightweight folding- Portable to take, no hesitation to play

     Easy to fetch- Easy operation improves your level

     Train/Battle with app


GAN356i: All things imaginable are in the GAN356


     Intelligent Motion Capture System

     Cube Station APP

     Big data training

     Global Battles online

     Intelligent timing- Absolute precision, Real and convenient

     Real-time reconstruction

     Automated analysis of solutions

     A gentle shake- Shake 5 times to activate and connect.

     Speedcubing design


GAN356i Carry: New Generation


     Cube station app

     Customized algorithm

     Speedcubing data

     280h battery life

     Flagship feel

     Ranking system

     Global Online Battle

     5hrs full introductory


GAN Smart Timer: All the breakthroughs are for your extraordinary performance.


     Connect to App-Unlimited recording and analysing.

     Great Accuracy to 0.001 second

     False triggering proof

     Brand new light system

     Results recording

     Data net storing


Major misconceptions about Cubing

Cube toys in the past:-  Old Fashioned, Hard to learn, Toys for Kids

Cube Toy New Generation:- Intelligent fun, Easy Case, Toys for all Ages.