All about the Marketing Sales Funnel

Running a successful business by attracting more customers is very difficult today than it was before. This challenge is mainly attributed to the way customers are savvy and the availability of too many options for them to choose from. Every business sector seems to be too crowded and very competitive bringing to question how an individual can stand out.

Coming up with the right ideas instead of just generating traffic to your business and focusing on serving your current clients instead of looking for more traffic is possible with the help of a sales tool is known as marketing and sales funnel.

About marketing and sales funnel 

Marketing and sales are different terminologies as shown by the way most companies have different departments for each. However, the two have increasingly been used interchangeably leading to confusion.

Marketing involves using promotional tools to attract more customers. Sales, on the other hand, involves transactions that happen between those customers and your business, through the process involving the customer choosing to buy your products or services.

A marketing funnel is, therefore, a tool that helps you attract more clientele, but it also helps you differentiate those interested in the product or service you’re offering and those who aren’t. This allows you to focus on those interested until the point of sale is reached. Some of the steps this funnel uses include:


This involves advertising and using other marketing techniques to get more traffic.


It involves providing more information about what you have allowed you to start building a relationship with that potential customer.


This is where you will identify the different variations in the funnels.

This the final step and the main objective of the marketing funnel. It involves the customer buying your product and can be done in different ways.
Marketing funnels always differ with some having more layers, especially within the sales process. The above steps work with every funnel and will provide every business owner with the right foundation.

Tips to using a marketing funnel successfully

Get the right client 

Not everyone is a potential customer. You should, therefore, customize your marketing campaigns to focus on those who are most likely to benefit from what you have. The content has to focus on those you think will benefit the most from you in order to only attract those most likely to become customers.

Prioritize quality

Once you get to the second stage which is “deepening interest”, you have to focus on the “leads” you already have and differentiate the real buyers from the undecided ones. You can use more incentives to identify the real clients then focus on building a relationship with them.

Focus on the people

At the evaluation stage, it’s advisable to change your approach to make your business fit the needs of the people since they are the ones who decide whether to buy from you or not. Having personal interactions are one of the ways to achieve this.


Your business is unique even though it is based in a crowded market. The marketing and sale funnel will help you create awareness easily leading to more benefits. It will help you come up with the best advertising campaigns and give you the best leads to motivate you to know more.