Top 55+ Free Malaysia Business Listing Sites | Best Business Directory Sites in Malaysia | Local Malaysia Business Directories Sites 2018

Reasons to Choose a Free Business Directory Sites in Malaysia:

A search engine has tended to be one of the most leading platforms to create a platform for a business that gives an insight into their products, services and listings of their business. Well, the same impact can be given to a business by choosing a free Malaysia Business Directory Sites as technology has driven to the people too. As in times of today, people and potential customers in Malaysia always leverage their search on the major search engines before choosing a website. 

Top 55+ Free Malaysia Business Listing Sites List 2018:

A Free Business Listing Sites in Malaysia works in the same way as a content marketing or social media marketing work for a business. Well, in a directory site a business can promote their business through indirect advertisement peculiarly. Well, one of the major strategies such listing sites include is that a business can indirectly try to refer their information directly to the potential customers, by listing their business name, contact number, opening time, closing time, services and with product descriptions.

Well if you are a business owner in choosing a free online Local Instant Approval Classified Websites in Malaysia you will definitely give you a right exposure by leading with high sales. Well, some of the names of major search engines that provide such Malaysia business directory submission sites are as Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, Vitelli, yelp and others.

Best Business Directory Sites in Malaysia:

However, to give the right exposure to your business it is always important to know what to include in a local business directory sites:

Here are some of the things which you must keep in mind before listing your business in any online directories in Malaysia:

        ·  Business tile/name: you must always use your real business name in a free directory site. As major search engines can read the street level signage so make sure that you put the name and title that matches everywhere.

         ·   Website URL: Major search engines always stipulate a business website URL directly for a page which is owned by a business. It stipulates it without referring to any other party, social profiles or by other networks. Though, you must always put your website’s URL referring to your original website.

     ·  Description: this filed helps to bring various opportunities which highlight an impactful and persuasive element of a business. As it helps your customer to choose on the most convinced service. With this, you must always choose to write in the most unique way to provide a description for each platform. Well, for your safety you can also create one single description so that you can publish it in all the citations.

Summing up Local Malaysia Business Directories Sites 2018:

The consistency, quality and spreading of your local business directory sites listings in Malaysia can give a direct impact on your rankings over search engines. Further, it will lead your business up with foot traffic, web traffic and leads on sales with high transactions. Well. As we showed you the importance of choosing a free business directories list, you must make sure that your listings are complete, accurate and discoverable on all the major platforms.

Here is the list of free business directories in Malaysia:

Sr.N. Malaysia Business Directory List
1 https://addsera.com Sponsored
2 http://cheapwb.com Sponsored
3 https://www.oorgin.com Sponsored
4 http://www.elcraz.com Sponsored
5 http://www.freeadshare.com Sponsored
9 http://www.mybizlink.com/  
10 http://www.smecorp.gov.my/index.php/en/business-directory  
11 http://www.expat.com/en/business/asia/malaysia/  
12 https://www.streetdirectory.com/businessfinder/malaysia/  
13 https://www.businesslist.my/  
14 https://www.onestopmalaysia.com/directory/  
15 http://www.businessworld.com.my/  
16 http://www.infotoday.com.my/  
17 http://viralbusiness.info  
18 http://digitalmaurya.com  
19 http://linkingmalaysia.com/websites/  
20 http://www.malaysiabizdir.com/  
21 https://www.yellowpages.my/  
22 http://www.expressbusinessdirectory.com/Malaysia-business-directory-C73/  
23 http://my.hktdc.com/webdir/directory_detail.asp?catid=3&subcatid=23&type=3&cty=Malaysia  
24 https://www.biznesdirectory.com/  
25 http://www.infopages.net.my/free-listing  
26 http://lokalpages.my/  
27 http://www.yalwa.my/  
28 http://shiftkiya.com  
29 http://www.sggreek.com  
30 http://directory.yellavia.com/  
31 http://www.infopages.net.my/  
32 http://my.simapages.com/  
33 http://www.mgcc.com.my/  
34 http://www.smibusinessdirectory.com.my/  
35 http://www.search-engines-2.com/country/malaysia.html  
36 http://www.hotfrog.com.my/  
37 http://www.malaysia-business-directory.com/  
38 http://www.elcraz.com  
39 http://www.infotoday.com.my/  
40 https://www.onestopmalaysia.com/directory/  
41 http://direktorimalaysia.com/  
42 http://www.themalaysianbusiness.com/  
43 http://www.businesslist.my/  
44 http://www.purchaseguide.com.my/  
45 http://www.malaysiabizlist.com/  
46 http://www.melakapages.com/  
47 https://my.99nearby.com/  
48 http://www.idirectory.com.my/  
49 http://www.tuugo.my/  
50 http://www.malaysiayellowpages.biz/  
51 http://kualalumpurcity.citybase.my/  
52 https://my.enrollbusiness.com/  
53 http://malaysiabusiness.com.my/