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How IP Telephony System Is Advantageous For SMEs?

IP phones in Dubai are an excellent alternative for SMEs that still work with traditional telephony systems and are paying expensive fees for it. Want to understand better about it? So, check out the advantages that IP phones can bring to your business!


Through IP telephony system you can connect anywhere in your company and your extension will go along with you. You can make video conference calls, redirects by time or by condition. You can make calls remotely from any accessible point in your network like an office remote, traveling or in your own home. Therefore, by investing in IP telephony, the company can connect its services and its corporate networks, making the entire communication system more efficient and flexible.

Relationship Between Cost and Benefit

IP phones promote better quality and lower price communication for both domestic and international calls. Thanks to this, it is possible to communicate at a much lower cost than that offered by traditional telephony with partner companies, suppliers, customers wherever they may be.

With IP phones in Dubai it is possible to interconnect the matrix with regional branches and offices, thus reducing the call cost with calls, both local and long distance and even international calls.

Conjugate Multiple Services

The new fixed-line handset surprises for its versatility. Today, it is already possible to combine voice, image, SMS, sending e-mails - all in one device, using IP telephony system. To access these options, you can use the touch screen, and the service can be more versatile and economical, as your operators can use these features to make contact with customers.

Miscellaneous Resources

With IP phones, your business will have several types of features and services. These services include automatic call transfer, caller ID, answering machine, fax receiving in PDF, access to your extension configuration through the mobile phone, control of your call center, record the connections, follow up with dashboards, perform integrations with your application, greater autonomy in creating extensions and targeting settings, control of attendance menus.

Another interesting resource for companies is teleconferencing, which helps a lot in case of meetings where people cannot be gathered in the same place. With this facility, it is possible for users to communicate in real-time, with quality video and sound.
In addition, IP telephony system contributes to teamwork, which, favored by technology, can achieve easy adaptation and increased productivity.

Data Security

In the conventional telephone system, the signal can be easily intercepted by malicious persons, through extensions and even wiretapping. And no company, regardless of its size, wants its information and confidential data exposed to third parties.

With IP phones in Dubai, spying becomes a much more complex task, since the system has excellent protection, which is performed by specific and constantly updated software. In this way, the information and data of the company are much more secure.

Connects to Other Devices

In addition, smartphones, tablets or notebooks can be connected to smart desk terminals. Thus, the board rooms can be equipped with the terminal so that, according to the need, the equipment compatible with the meeting or service to be performed is installed.

Author Bio:

David J. is a business analyst for unified communication after working on several projects he has been serving in the field of Telecommunication and helping small businesses to grow further by choosing right IP Phones for their offices.

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