7 Painless Steps To Switching Car Insurance

The moment you decide to cancel your old insurance policy and get a new one, make sure that you have done all the paperwork. Don’t just stop paying your old insurance company as it does not guarantee your documents were done.

They might expect that you still avail of the insurance premium, but you have not paid the bills for a long time. They might even report you to the credit bureau and this could affect your credit score. If possible, file for the proper documents regarding cancellation and get a note saying that you are no longer paying for your old insurance premium.

After choosing the new insurance company, make sure that you create a positive first impression. Pay your bills on time. Don’t be involved in any car accident. Get driving lessons. Prove that you are not a road hazard. This will give them the incentive to provide you with lower insurance premium cost.
Take note that your new insurance company could easily kick you off within 90 days if you have been involved in any road incident within that period. You can’t afford to lose your new insurance considering that you have already canceled the previous one. You might have more penalties in doing so.

Switching to a new insurance policy does not have to be difficult if you understand the details before making any move.

Check the infographic below for more tips on how to properly switch to new insurance without any problem at all.