How Kids use Technology In A Positive Way

We are living in the modern digital world, where technology is the mother of all inventions; our lives heavily depend upon the technology while talking on smartphones, use of social media in order to interact with the whole world and in offices. Technology brought us comfort in every walk of life. The young generation is very fond of technology like they are used to of IPAD’s, laptops, social media, TV and much more. Technology is not creating issues, Says Dr. Rich “it only depends on us, how we can use technology either in a positive way or negatively”. 

Parents are very concerned with their kids, how they are using technology 24/7. In the current scenario, kid’s activities towards the use of technology force their parents to realize that, the excessive use of technology can create serious issues for their kids. However, parents can guide their kids that they should use technology in a positive way rather than just spending time for the sake of fun. So, kids can use technology in the positive way to improve their social and behavior skills in order to become a successful human being in the technological world.

There are some certain Ways for kids to use technology positively

Technology as World of information:
Even in very young age kids have smartphones, IPAD’s and laptops having internet facility, kids can utilize these technology inventions to get information regarding any personalities, places, topics and regarding whatever they want by exploring Wikipedia. The best use of technology is using it, as the source of information instead of buying books.

Kids can make School Assignments:
Kids also use technology for the sake of creating assignments; the internet provides you material regarding any topic and keeps you update. Kids can use Google as the source of information and after getting the material kids can be able to make assignments through Microsoft World, Power pint and much more.

Kids can Improve Cognitive skills:
There are many video games are available on the internet which is based on puzzles and mazes, kids can play these types of games in order to improve their cognitive skills. If kids put their few minutes on these types of games on regular basis they can easily improve their cognition factor.

Kids can use technology for Multimedia Presentation:
Instead of making notes on copy or register, kids can make their presentation with the help of Multimedia. Multimedia enables them to make their presentation easy to understand for their target audience.

Improve social interactions and reading skills:
Kids can use social sites and interact them whom they don’t know in the real world, so they can be able to make friends on the digital world and can improve their social interaction skills by making conversations with the people. Kids can also read articles, books and online stories which lead them to read and reading habits, ultimately reading habit give them a piece of knowledge and also reading skills.

Kids can improve visual attention:
We often see that when kids are playing video games and use learning applications, they are totally focused on their activity and don’t realize what is happening in their surroundings. It only means that use of technology improves your interest level and you can easily improve your visual attention perfectly.

Kids can motive themselves to complete any tasks:
Tech based games have levels in it when kids play these sort of games, it motivates them to complete every level of that particular game. So back to back levels of the game which kids often play on their smartphones or on their computers motivate them and create a habit of complete their tasks.

Kids can use technology to improve problem-solving skills:
Young kids are very fond of short-term goals of games like solving mathematical problems like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, Fran C. Blumberg, Ph.D., and Sabrina S. Ismailer, MSED of Fordham University Cited by the American Psychological association said that.   

Author Bio:
Aline Carrara is a professional writer and blogger, working with TheOneSpy kids monitoring software to show her skills as a senior writer. She loves to write about technology, digital parenting.To know more about her follow her on Twitter @alinecarrara7


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