Why SEO Should Always Complement Your Content Marketing

Content marketing strategies fail because of the disconnect between content marketing and SEO. Some marketers’ think that SEO is unnecessary when they have already created a content marketing strategy. This simply doesn’t make sense because the two should always go together.

Although the mistake persists, marketers are now accepting the fact that in order to get the best results, SEO should always be integrated to content marketing. It is the only way to ensure the success of the whole content marketing strategy.

How do SEO and content marketing

 How do SEO and content marketing complement each other?
There are a lot of contrasts between the two but you still cannot separate them entirely. The best way to differentiate them is by their purpose.

·        Demands: SEO creates demands while content marketing is the one fulfilling those demands. All requirements are stated in the SEO and those requirements are fulfilled by content marketing.

·    Content: SEO determines the needed content and content marketing is the content. Content marketing will not exist without SEO because the application of SEO rules is the core of content marketing.

·        Keywords: SEO states what topics people search for by the help of the keywords and content marketing utilizes these keywords in the content.  Marketers create contents that focus on topics that cover the keywords. This is the only way you can implement your content marketing strategy.

·        Hyperlinks: SEO requires linkbacks and content marketing provides linkbacks by including them in the content. One way to succeed in content marketing is to create a killer content that includes internal links to generate clicks back to your website and external links that lead to other reputable websites.

·        Optimizations: SEO is more technical while content marketing needs a great UX and other integrated technical optimizations to work. This includes a sitemap, tags, meta description, and other factors to enable the crawling of spiders, indexing, and querying of search engines so people can find your content.

·        Consistent output: SEO can be considered good if the content is produced consistently and consistent output means you are doing content marketing. There is no another way around it.

All that was mentioned above are the reasons why SEO should always complement your content marketing. But how do you make both works to your advantage? How can you integrate SEO with your content marketing strategy? These tips may be useful for the success of your marketing strategy. 

1. Set SEO strategy

SEO strategy is a part of the whole content marketing strategy. Define your goals, set your priorities and objectives, and plan the techniques you will use. These will be helpful in improving your content marketing strategy.

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2. Produce high-quality content following SEO rules
Write readable, high-quality content to get high scores from Google and increase your rankings. Google loves fresh contents on a regular basis. Keep your focus on the quality of your contents and integrate SEO optimizations to drive traffic to your site.

Choose the right keywords. Make sure they are relevant and something that may fit into your future content. To ensure your keywords can help you generate more traffic, you can use keyword research resources or other keyword tools.

3. Check and audit your SEO progress

Stay on top of everything by always checking your progress and auditing your SEO. This will move your content marketing forward in this ever changing world of algorithms.

4. Follow the four Vs
Marketers should follow the four Vs of semantic or contextual search or how search engines differentiate user intent from context to produce more accurate and definitive answers.

The four Vs are volume, variety, velocity and veracity. Marketers should follow and incorporate these four Vs with the content to generate better results.

5. Combine SEO with social media
All SEO efforts and content marketing strategy must utilize social media to succeed. People cannot live without their mobile phone and they spend more time on social media than engaging in real-time interactions with people. This is why marketers take everything to social media to be able to reach ideal customers, engage, and attract new customers.

Your contents and website will have a better chance of getting traffic when you share and post them on different social media networks.

SEO is all about content marketing and content marketing is all about integrating SEO. They always go together like a great person that has 2 distinct personalities. They should be viewed as partners and not opponents no matter how agencies that specialize in one or the other may try to debate against each other for their own benefits.

People won’t be able to find your content without SEO and your content marketing will only be successful if it includes SEO features. You should always remember that you need to utilize both and combine them in order to create a powerful and successful marketing strategy that will benefit you, your business, and your customers.

Author΄s bio: Diana Beyer is experienced, self-driven specialist and content editor at Top Writing Reviews who is passionate about writing. She is always seeking to discover new ways for personal and professional growth.