8 Beginner Blogger Mistakes to Avoid

Professional bloggers who have been doing this for a long time are prepared on what would happen when they start a new blog because they have experienced it before. However, as a new blogger, it’s a whole new experience so you probably don’t know what to expect.

During the first year of blogging, a lot of newbies typically suffered from money loss. Do not be discouraged by this because as mentioned, it’s something that happens to many new bloggers as you are still trying and testing various things that might work for you. For instance your strategy for converting subscribers into sales and finding a profitable niche that you enjoy might not be the right one.

Extensive research and planning can lower the risk of losing money so it’s recommended that you take time to study and plan your niche and how you would go about managing and promoting your blog. Since there’s a possibility that you’ll experience money loss, it’s also best to save funds for emergency purposes so you wouldn’t be left broke.

During the first year, expect to increase the traffic on your website, as well as grow your email subscribers, as long as you use every tool, including social media to reach to your target audience. Expect to face different issues as you start blogging. Get tips on how to overcome mistakes from other bloggers who experienced the same things.

The info graphic that we created contains the typical blunders that novice bloggers commit. It’s helpful as you can prevent these mistakes from happening to you.

Take a look at the illustration here: