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Cloud Security Essential to Ensure Effective Endpoint Protection

The war against malware continues... and will continue. As better methods to block attacks, detect malicious activity and thwart infections are developed, so will malware evolve. Cyber criminals target endpoints as it offers plenty of avenues for infiltration. Endpoints are considered to be the weakest point in terms of security in an enterprise IT system. Enterprises must ensure robust endpoint protection, and the best way would be through cloud security.

There are different types of malware such as - viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, rootkits, backdoors, key loggers, ransomware, and Browser Hijackers. Each type of malware serves a different purpose, and some malware are a combination of multiple types. A ransomware could be a combination of a worm, a Trojan, and a backdoor. Further, cyber criminals identify vulnerabilities in operating systems, applications and exploit them for attacks. Phishing and spear-phishing are other modes of attacks that trick users into opening malicious attachments or click on malicious links.

Typical antivirus security solutions are installed on the local server and endpoints. The malware definition database is stored locally and this list is periodically updated. The developers of the antivirus solution keep updating their malware database, and this data gets updated automatically or manually. There is, however, a certain time delay between the time that the AV company updates its database and the time the local data base gets updated. This period is very critical, as zero-day malware can attack and infect the systems.

In order to overcome this vulnerability, and with the advent of faster internet, cloud-based security has been adopted. Small, medium and large enterprises must adopt cloud security for better and faster response to zero-day attacks.

As a basic practice, enterprises must:

·         Set up endpoint security effectively to thwart attacks
·         Regularly update the virus databases – this would be more effective with adaptation of cloud security
·         Schedule frequent scans to detect any malware infiltration

Compelling Reasons to Adopt Cloud Security
Cloud-based security is easier to manage. Updates, monitoring, etc.., can be done from the cloud.
If you are an MSP then ensuring proper security of client endpoints can only be done through cloud security and remote monitoring and management. Update management – operating system, applications and security product - can be torturous if not done through the cloud management.

Endpoint security product developers/ antivirus product companies usually share their discovery of malware in a global repository. This combined effort makes information about new malware available quickly to those who access the database. 

3 Things Social Media is Not Incredible For

Content shock is the point at which the amount of content available on the internet exceeds our ability to consume it in a meaningful way. For years it was debated whether or not content shock was real, or if we would ever reach that point. That debate is now over.

Content shock is real, and we have reached that point. Unfortunately, many brands are still employing social media strategies that pretend otherwise. They fail to realize that crowded social media feeds have made people much more discerning about what they will read, what they will click, and who they will follow. Most importantly, content shock is changing how people engage with brands.

Here are three things for which social media are no longer the best tool.

1.    Driving Traffic to Your Website:

Initially, it made sense to use a broad audience approach to social media. Before social media platforms became so saturated with businesses and individuals trying to establish a foothold, it was fairly easy to post to a wide audience. The result of this was increasing traffic through clicks and improved SEO.

Today, that’s no longer how people are engaging with brands. The volume of people who are going to click on a company’s posts simply isn’t what it used to be. Brands now have to adjust to the fact, and focus on creating quality engagement with fewer customers. This means identifying those who are most likely to engage, and curating the social media experience for them. It also means employing social media as a customer service tool.

2.    Broadcasting Marketing Messages:

Social media audiences are just aren’t receptive to marketing posts in the way they were in the past. Again this is due to content shock. The likelihood of people clicking on any post, liking it, or sharing it is lower now. When that post isn’t relevant to anyone but a low sales funnel audience, the effectiveness is significantly lower.

This is why many brands are taking their marketing content and using it on messaging platforms and apps. These are places where customers are more likely to be lower in the sales funnel, and where they can be presumed to have an interest in that kind of content. One example of this would be using messaging apps combined with in store beacons to send information on special offers to customers.

3.    Relying on Content Frequency to Build an Audience:

Good marketers have always considered content quality to be a priority of quality. However, the truth is that there was a time when all it took to build an audience was to put out lots of content, ensure that relevant subjects were addressed, and to use the ideal keywords. Whether or not that content actually contained anything useful or insightful really didn't matter all that much.

Fast forward to now. It does matter. People are hesitant to click unless they are sure the content has value to them. If they do follow or subscribe, they are also quick to undo that if they realize the quality just isn’t there.

The solution of here is focusing on creating valuable content that serves a need, like top websites do, ensuring that content is well produced and engaging with audiences in a way that is sincere and personal. This is why the brands that have the most success on social media are often the most responsive.


If you’re still using the three strategies listed above, it may be time to revisit things. By shifting your focus to engagement, branding, and customer service you will likely find that your social media marketing efforts are much more effective. 

Author Bio:

Luisa Brenton is an educational writer who has over 4 years’ experience in marketing. Her mission is to help people in finding their own way to a balanced lifestyle and coping with everyday assignments successfully. You can find her on Facebook.

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You will find two options most of the time one is free of cost ad posting services and another one is paid advertising  services . Jobiba, one of the best classified site which gives you an optimum result. If anyone has no budget for promoting their ads and want to build a good interaction with the large number of customers choose free ad posting sites, without investing your money. free Ad posting is the best way to gain mass customers without paying any cost . if you are looking forward for free ad posting site choose jobiba.

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Sports are among the most loved words for the kids. Kids do love all kinds of sports whether indoor or outdoor. Sports give them an enormous amount of joy that cannot be bound by words. Different children love different kind of sports some love indoor sports and some are fond of outdoor sports. Kids across the boundaries are fond of various kinds of games and each country has their own favorite one like in Brazil it is none other than football, in India it is cricket. This love for particular sports is adapted by kids sometimes from the hierarchy that is their father, grandfather all were deeply indulged with the love of the particular sport or sometimes due to the huge popularity of the sport in the whole nation.

Psychologists say, according to the human psychology, after the age of 14 years, kids stop experimenting with their sports habits. So it is advised that the kids must explore different kinds of sports before the age of 14 years as this would help them build up fondness and respect for each sport. Sports helps the kids in many ways like building up the strong immunity system, teach them to work as a team, hard work provides good health and arises a sportsman spirit in their heart which would help them always in their future.

Few of the games that each of the kids must try are as follows:
Soccer: This is one kind of team sport which requires lots of running and concentration. This game teaches the kids the feeling of oneness with all the team members. This sport helps in developing muscles, teaches foot coordination and also helps in building strong foot and eye coordination.

Skiing or snowboarding:  This kind of sports adds up the punch of adventure blended up with lots of joy in the kids’ lives. This sport teaches the kids to never look backward and concentrate what is coming forward as one of the famous quotes teaches us “Let the bygones be bygones”. This sport develops balancing and gymnastic skills in the kids.

Golf: This sport is counted as the game of adults yet this is a kind of game that kids too should explore. Kids playing golf develop enormous depth perception and are good in planning out the strategies which are highly required in each sector when they grow up.

Roller Skates: This is one kind of sports which is highly recommended for all kids. Roller skates have huge variations. Some can be used for means of transport, playing hockey on ice, racing, and gymnastics. These sports develop a high level of fitness in the players. Kids get fascinated with the wide range of perfect inline skates in the market which can help them skate anywhere and everywhere.

Sports not only develop mind and body whereas it helps to develop worldwide fame. Now in this 21st century, there are huge associations and lots of opportunities which can turn the love and perfection for a sport in an individual into a huge amount of money and enormous fame across the globe.

Author Bio : I am Koshial Robinson, Founder of Skateboard-guide blog, its a blog about Skating tips, Skateboards, Product reviews, news, equipment, and events. Introduces A “Home Visit” Options for Customers allows customers to eliminate transportation, packaging material, budget and time from top packer and movers of Chandigarh to comply with what services and budget is offered.

According to sources of marketing and services department of this website portal they are looking to enhance customer trust on website liability, this is the process to make the all services, charges and availability transparent.

A team member of packer and mover team visit to customer home and make the list of goods, time and convince client about everything like what would be the total budget, how many hours would they would pack to take the goods, how they are safe hands for moving one location to another location, staff team and job responsibilities. Finally showing all relevancies to the client they finalize the deal.
Major benefits of the home visit is, client can ask all FAQS with companies executive and can have an offer on documents it helps the customer to finalize the best deal and also customer can negotiate on budget and price.

In Chandigarh this is the first time that a packer and mover company in Chandigarh is offering services like this and expected to get more positive response over this. For the company purpose they would be able to collect customer database, customer demand and expectations, customer point of view and what they like to hear from any moving agency. It would help a lot for marketing and sales team to strategic the new offer and plan to enhance the engagement with new potential customers.

As packer and mover services come under service agency and customer always like to be part of any company who care about the customer, this pre sales and transparent approach among the new customer would enhance the’s review and would prove as milestone to make an impact on trust bonding between customer to the company and company to customer.

As per feedback and customer response over the offer and home visit now website content marketing team would able to categorize to give the ranking of vendors, to the customer and it would help people to come again on the website for taking services again.

It has been used in and very populate on product websites for visitor select good popular products on based of rating and reviews for an industry like packers and movers in Chandigarh this is first time can bring better results of the investment.